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Public Speech in AI in Health Summit

"Balancing Machine Learning & Linguistic Rules in AI Health Coach Chatbot Development"

We are delighted to have the chance to share our experience in the AI Health Coach Chatbot. ReHealthier Engaging HealthChat Platform is developed with a hybrid approach that combines the strengths of both machine learning and linguistic rules, and offer the most promise. (more detail to be available)  
19 Jun 2018
ReHealthier Video Interview by Hong Kong Technology and Science Parks.
Interviewed by HK Science Park. Explains where ReHealthier - Artificial Intelligence Health Coach is coming from. 
Video (in Cantonese)
30 May 2018
EY Academy 所挑選的大學生精彩演繹BACHcode人工智能健康教練 - ReHealthier,並贏到人工智能組 (A.I. Category) 冠軍。
經濟日報 | Classified Post
16 Apr 2018
3月下旬,我們在花旗銀行辦公室進行了健康講座,並為ReHealthier - 人工智能健康教練招募了不少試用用戶。
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20 Mar 2018
智能教練寓遊戲於運動   玩出健康
備聊天機械人功能   提供營養貼士
12 Jan 2018
「他媽哥池」版AI健康App 鼓勵飲水做運動
7 Jan 2018
IT人轉「營」   智能「搭訕」追蹤保健
2 Jan 2018
BACHcode launches AI-enabled nutritionist
信報財經新聞 / ejinsight
2 Jan 2018
Bayer and HKSTP Announce Grants4Apps® Finalists
to Spur Health-Tech Innovation in Hong Kong
香港科技園公司 / Science Park Corporate News
15 Dec 2018
創企研發智能健康教練   為用戶設計個人化管理計畫
14 Dec 2017