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Amice Wong
Amice Wong
Founder & Data Analyst

Asia Smart App


Hong Kong / Asia


Recommender System, Big Data Analytics


7x24 AI Nutritionist who
understands your health!

BACHcode builds up ReHealthier® brand name with showcase app namely EatRite®, which is the Number One downloader in 2019, a few months since its launch. EatRite® has been awarded the Asia Smart App 2020.

  • Portable
  • Intelligent
  • Nutritionist

Instant “Health Check” at home, facilitating Personalized Health Advisory

Health Check Report

Items include: blood pressure, fasting blood sugar index, cholesterol, triglycerides, etc., with coloured health indicators.

Chronic Health Risk Assessment Report

Cardiovascular Disease Risk, Heart Age, Diabetes Risk, and Fatty Liver Risk. (Reference: Framingham Heart Study)

Provides instant nutrition advice on your food choices and personal health

  • Recognise Foods from Chinese and English Menu
  • Overview Traffic lights, red, yellow and green coloured labels
  • Instant personalized response according to your health
  • No manual input of food name required

Eat Rite rides on big data and applies artificial intelligence technologies

Awards won by this project

Receiving these awards are fantastic achievement and credits to all involved in this project.

Bayer Grants for App

Asia Smart App

EY CSR Competition

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