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Model Recognition& Database Management

Easy tools to help technicians and collect statistical data


A Government Department


Hong Kong, China


AI Image Recognition, Web Camera,
Database Management


Customer demand

  • Customer looks for a mobile solution allowing their technicians to download operation menu of the machine being managed.
  • This allows technicians to download the latest information from the cloud in each maintenance job where menu of differnt brands and models are required.
  • Customer also want to have the statistical data of different brands and models of machine being operations, and different locations of the working sites.

The Challenge

  • The large group of technicians have different mobile device OS's and models. Customers does not prefer to the development of mobile apps that testing on all different devices is impossible.
  • The mobile solution must allows technicial to search the brands and models. Besides, the solution has to recognised machine label image and to identify the model number from the label.
  • Large number of equippments that make search within the database challenging.

How BACHcode helps to solve the problems?

Web App instead of Mobile App

BACHcode develop a responsive Web app that works for common browsers no matter on a PC or a mobile device. This approaches does not require technicians to download any mobile app either.

Smart identification of model number

A very user-friendly photo taking function is designed as one of feature of the web app. Technician simply take a photo of the machine label and the solution will identify corresponding model and shows the operation guide of the machine at the front-end.

Database design & statistical data of machine model and working sites

BACHcode designs the database of machine models to be retrieved in a very efficiency way by front-end. Any search from technicians will be stored. A specially design adminstration page is implemented with useful graphics showing the statistical data of different brands and models search and the location of sites that detected by GPS/GIS.

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