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AI Health Check
Big Data, AI Machine Learning


Customer demand and Challenge

Traditionally, reinsurance companies would require to-be-insuranced clients to answer health questionnaire and go for a health check in clinic. Clients with poorer health conditions has a higher chance of having medical claims, therefore are normally charge with higher premium by the reinsurance company. However, sending clients to health check means longer selling cycle of the insurance contract, and higher selling cost.

Therefore, the reinsurance looks for a solution than can estimate clients health condition by big data statistical approaches based on with the healthier questionnaure answer. BACHcode provides our AI Health solution provide benefits to the reinsurer as a more flexible and more economic alternatives to support her underwriting.

Cross domains expertises

Statistical big data technology

    BACHcode uses statistical approaches to ensuring meaningful, accurate information is extracted from Big Data. We tackle to ensure:

  • Data quality and missing data
  • Observational nature of data, so that causal questions such as the comparison of interventions may be subject to confounding.
  • Quantification of the uncertainty of predictions, forecasts and models
More about BACHcode Big Data
BACHcode insurance underwriting health check
BACHcode insurance underwriting health check
Nutrition domain experience

    BACHcode is not just an technical software company, but a team who understand food nutrition and human physiology well:

    • Ashtrometic data
      A/B testing, machine learning, and natural language processing
    • Big data management
      semantic network, business intelligence, cloud computing, and databases
    • Visualization
      charts, graphs, and other displays of the data

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