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We make practical application of big data and AI

BACHcode is the Software House specializing in Big Data Analytics and AI Solutions. We assist you to gather meaningful data for your business, and analyze the data by useful AI technologies. We provide you actionable insights and engaging marketing content improving your customers buying journey and driving more sales.

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Here are top 3 reasons for you. Analyze your way within these reasons and you will be eager to work with BACHcode, which is much more insightful and actionable than the traditional software developers.

#1 Cross-Domain Expertise & Solid Portfoilos

We are not just a software developer, but also a group ofdata analysts and equipped with strong knowledge and experience in healthcare, nutrition, self-caring. We have also strong engineering background to handle projects in this area.

#2 Our Showcase Solutions is an award-winning

BACHcode RecSys solution that designed for healthy eating, namely Eat Rite AI Portable Dietitian, has won the Asia Smart App Competition, EY CSR Competition, Bayer Grants4Apps, etc.

Bayer Grants for Apps

Asia Smart App

EY CSR Competition

#3 Strong Skills in Developing API Platform for Expandibity

BACHcode is capable of highly specialized API development. We can build high performance APIs suited to varying business models and ensuring their seamless integration with powerful business apps. We provide full REST/JSON based API implementation and related apps with best practices. The end product more than fits your needs perfectly!

How can our strategic API development benefit your business?

Share Content

Custom API development enables web communities to create an open architecture enabling the sharing of content and data between apps and communities.

Interact Anyway

Custom API develops stronger organization-customer relationships, and the ability to interact innovatively with your customers even when they are not on your website!

Digital Branding

Publishing an API helps develop a stronger digital brand status for your company.

Strategic Alliances

API development is a smart way to build strategic alliances with other businesses, who can utilize the APIs to provide specialized services to their clients and share revenue with your company.

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