Let Data tells us

Big Data

Identify the valuable insights from data. Help to make prediction for success.

Automatically engage customers

Marketingby AI

Branding, promotion and digital. Personalized content generation

Drive the sales

Recommender System

We use big data to predict customer preference and improve customer journey

Impressive customer experience

Product LabelRecognition

Promotion of your products in a user-friendly manner. Track customer preferences


to enhance operation management and resource plan

Onmi-channel health marketing


Refine your Data Strategies for Business Growth

BACHcode is the Software Company specializing in Big Data Analytics and AI Driven Solutions. We assist you to gather meaningful data for your business, and analyze the data by useful AI technologies. We provide you actionable insights and engaging marketing content improving your customers buying journey and driving more sales.

BACHcode has also successfully launched Health AI Analytics Platform - ReHealthier and EatRite, They are awarding-winning solutions and are now serving insurance and healthcare enterprise clients to engage their customers' healthy eating lifestyle.

Our every day work is

to grow your every business
Trend Analysis And Content Generation

Marketing by AI

Customer Preference Prediction by Big Data

Recommender System

Prediction by Historical Mass Data

Big Data

Upgrade of Customer Buying Experiences

Product Image and Label Recognition

Enhancing Operation and Resource Planning


Onmi-Channel Healthcare Marketing

Strategic Partnership

BACHcode expertises in
Big Data and AI

Artificial Intelligence
  • Probabilistic methods for uncertain reasoning
  • Classifiers and statistical learning methods
  • Artificial neural networks
  • Convolutional neural networks
  • Natural Language Processing
More about us
" We implement only practical solutions that help your business."- BACHcode
Big Data
  • Techniques for analyzing data
    A/B testing, machine learning, and natural language processing
  • Big data management
    semantic network, business intelligence, cloud computing, and databases
  • Visualization
    charts, graphs, and other displays of the data

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