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Vision & Mission

Analytics + Knowledge

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BACHcode researches on technologies, applications, and processes for gathering and analyzing user health data, for knowledge for informed users decisions as well as enhanced health programs performance. 
BACHcode is passionate about technologies for serving people and making people life more enjoyable. Bachcode solution is about empathy first and technology second. Digital health should be the story of how people are changing.
BACHcode keens on visionary projects that demand innovative technologies to achieve different health purposes of users. User feedback is the most important "programming code" of our development in Health AI solution. 

News & Interviews

IT女強人轉「營」 智能「搭訕」追蹤保健
創企研發智能健康教練   為用戶設計個人化管理計畫
智能教練寓遊戲於運動 玩出健康
備聊天機械人功能 提供營養貼士
Bayer and HKSTP Announce Grants4Apps® Finalists to Spur Health-Tech Innovation in Hong Kong
BACHcode launches AI-enabled nutritionist
The community is having all walks of life with different health concerns, chronic disease, unhealthy lifestyle, obesity, puberty health, depression and other mental health issues.

BACHcode pioneers in artificial intelligence system development for making the best use of patient-generated data and healthcare practices to produce the important insights for health strategies. This is BACHcode HIPaaS.

BACHcode HIPaaS will serve other health app developers as the core engine for user health data analysis and knowledge generation, which their app can use for advising their users.


Health Intelligence Platform as a Service


ReHealthier is an AI-powered health coach specialised in behavioural science and social context analysis, for patients (members) with pre-chronic conditions to live free from potential chronic diseases. ReHealthier is the Top 5 of Bayer's Grants4Apps healthcare projects in Hong Kong.

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